China Reporter that first broke the Covid 19 story in Wuhan is put in jail for 4 years

3 min readDec 29, 2020


Did you hear what happened to the first Reporter that broke the COVID-19 story in Wuhan, China?

I’m always surprised at how most of the American press tries to portray China. It’s usually modest or even glowing like China is some example setter.

Yet if you are an American journalist, you would actually have to have an agenda to put China on any pedestal. The first journalist to break the COVID-19 story in Wuhan, China, will now be spending the next four years in jail. What was the Reporter charged with? “Zhang Zhan was accused of spreading false information, giving false interviews to foreign media, disrupting public order and “maliciously” manipulating the outbreak, according to the Associated Press.” According to the Associated Press.

In the news this week, the Wuhan coverup by Chinese authorities is now believed to be 10x worse than an original reporter. Well, that’s shocking since the first Reporter that reported the issue was put in jail for doing so. After that happened, there wasn’t a reporter in China that published another story saying anything other than the authority’s narrative that China had everything under control.

So another more interesting question is, why does the American Media provide cover for China? There are definitely reporters that criticize China appropriately, but most of the criticism doesn’t show up in major news articles. Is it because the media companies are afraid of losing ad dollars? Maybe but I don’t think most media companies receive much revenue from China. So what other reasons are there? Could it be because most of the media is left-wing and trying to promote their left-wing causes? Maybe, but this would be a little extreme. China has some of the worst human rights abuses in the world. Look at what is currently happening in the state of Uighur, where China has imprisoned over a million people. Locals say the numbers are much higher. China has been accused of brainwashing, genocide, and many of the atrocities that happened in world war II. Yet, few American outlets publish anything about this. All you really hear lately is how well China is dealing with COVID-19. As we are starting to get better reporting out of China, we’re seeing that this isn’t the case either, in fact, China has dealt with COVID-19 horribly.

We need to call a spade a spade. China is a Communist regime that has its sole goal to take over everyone that it deals with its enemy. Like Russia, China is extremely dangerous and needs to be slowed down before it tries to come to our shores and do what’s it’s doing today in Uighur.

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